3 Different Process of Companies Registration in Jakarta

3 Different Process of Companies Registration in Jakarta

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If you are planning to have a company registration in Jakarta just like those Companies Registration in Jakarta, you should consider several things about this legal matter very carefully. As you will know, there will be three different processes of company registration in Indonesia that you should know. Each of them will give you the different benefit that you might not know.

There are three different way to establish your business in Indonesia if you already have an overseas company: local company, representative company, and foreign-owned company. Each of those ways of establishing a company registration in Indonesia has their own benefit and you should know about each of them.

The first option to bring your company to be one of those Companies Registration in Jakartais the local company. This is the option that you should set by considering those several requirements to establish a local company or a PT that is quite popular among those business owners. For instance, you need to provide 100% Indonesia citizenship in order to establish a local company in Indonesia.

Other than this option, you can also find a company representative as the other option with less complicated requirement that you should meet. However, this kind of company will only let you get a work permit and deal with an entry visa. It will limit your company to generate the revenue for your company. However, it will be a good start to have a business in Indonesia.

You will also find the last option for theforeign-owned company. This is the last option to establish a company especially when you don’t have any Indonesia citizenship. This option of establishing a company will be the option that will help you direct your company easier than the option of the representative company. However, there is some requirements that you should meet including the plant for investment at minimum IDR 10 billion if you want to get your company as one of those Companies Registration in Jakarta.