Companies Registration in Jakarta Establishing Local Company

Companies Registration in Jakarta: Establishing Local Company

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For every investor who is planning to invest in Indonesia, you need to consider several things related to Companies Registration in Jakarta. This is an important thing that you should consider when you want to establish your business in Indonesia. There are regulations that you should follow in Indonesia especially related to investment.

Indonesia has a quite strict regulation to follow for every foreign investor who is planning to expand their business in Indonesia. This is why you should have further information about the investment in Indonesia and how to register your company in Indonesia. Furthermore, you need to know what kind of company registration that will meet your need such as this local company registration.

One thing that you should know among those regulations about Companies Registration in Jakarta, this local company is a way to have a company registration in Indonesia which will allow you to invest almost in any field.

However, you need to make sure that you can meet the requirement to have this kind of company registration. For instance, you need to have 2 shareholders, 1 local director, and 1 commissioner. This kind of company registration will only allow 100% Indonesian citizen ownership.

Further about this option for company registration. You need also to consider the local nominee. This is the solution that you can get when you are considered as a foreigner investor.

Although it seems quite impossible to deal with this 100% citizen ownership, you will find that there are several options that you can find about this company registration since there is some company which will help you with a local nominee so that you can have a company registration in Indonesian as a local company.

Moreover, you can use the service offered by some companies which will provide you with shareholder with notarized nominee agreement. This is one of those options to have one of those Companies Registration in Jakarta that has been successfully done.